Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Urban Decay Naked Palette; Swatches and Review!

I am so god damn late on this Naked Palette business. So late.
BUT it IS an expensive purchase, and as a casual worker and a part time student, I don't exactly have all the dosh to spare. I did lash out though, FINALLY, and bought one. I know the Naked 3 is all the rage now, but I'm somewhat particular, and I have to buy them in order (just pretend I'm normal, okay?).

Okay so first thing's first: when I got the palette in the mail... This is maybe a little bit embarrassing, but I may or may not have rubbed the velvety palette-god on my face for a while whilst heavily panting and drooling slightly. I'm only human!
But seriously now, this is the ONLY thing I have used since I got it. Every day I've worn makeup I have used this, and I love it!

It seems that you can put any combination of shades together and it looks amazing! My favourite look so far is to use 'sin' all over the lid, 'darkhorse' in the crease and 'virgin' on the inner corner and as a brow highlight. It's just so perfect <3

But honestly, whether you're going smokey-eyed, bronze-eyed, shimmery-pinky-eyed, it's got you covered. I thought I'd get a little fancy up in here and do some old swatchy-type stuff...

From left to right is...
Half Baked

So luxurious! I know in terms of the Eye Shadow universe, these aren't the most luxurious eyeshadows to have, but this is the first big palette I've ever owned and it cost me about $80! That's a lot of money for me, and for someone who's only just getting into eyeshadow, this is super super duper exciting!!

I can't wait to keep trying new combinations!
What are your favourite looks to do with this palette?
Would you like me to do a post on the different ones I do?
Let me know!

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