Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Liebster Award Tag!

So, I've just been tagged by the lovely Veronica from to do this tag/award thingo. I've never been tagged in a post before, so thanks Veronica for popping my tag cherry, haha!
It says to answer 11 questions that she has specified, list 11 facts about me, and then tag 11 other bloggers with under 200 followers to also to this (with 11 new questions that I choose). 
Why not, I say!
If I haven't listed 11 bloggers, it's because I don't know, or can't find that many (I'm still new, wah).

But here we goooooo!...

1. If you had to eat 1 meal (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) for the rest of your life, what would it be ?

 A lamb roast. I hate the thought of eating a baby sheep, but dayum does that stuff taste good in a roast with mint sauce and gravy. Mmmmmmmmm yeaahhhh *drool*

2. What is the biggest letdown beauty product you have ever used ?

The Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation was a let down for me; at first I found it too dark and too sheer and too dewy, but I've actually rekindled my love for this foundation recently. But yes, when I first bought it, it was a bummer!

3. If you could meet someone dead/alive, who would it be and why ?

Tanya Burr. This might seem so sappy, and kinda weird, but I love this woman. She does the best makeup tutorial videos and vlogs and she seems so lovely and sweet and I'd love to meet her and hang out and have her make me look like a flawless goddess of the face. 

4. What is one social media account, you can't live without ?


5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be ? And why ?

I'm not sure about living there, but I really want to go to England and America. I don't think I'd ever permanently live anywhere except Australia :) I think England is so beautiful and country-like, but different to how Aussie country it (all dry and sad). Green meadows and cottages and farms and ahhh my heaven! As for And American accents. ;)

6. What's your go to Movie/TV Show you watch on a rainy day ?

Friends! Or Pretty Little Liars if I'm feeling like some drama.

7. If you could be on the cover on any magazine, which one would it be ? and Why ?

Cosmo. It's the one magazine I buy every single month; so of course I want to buy a mag with my face on it!

8. What's one thing that you always do to relax ?

Have a cup of tea, watch YouTube beauty gurus and nap. So sad, but true haha. Nothing better than being warm and snuggly, watching makeuppy videos and drinking warm tea mmm :) During summer though, going for a walk and sitting in the sun :)

9. Do you have any major talents, if so, what are they ?

I wouldn't consider myself ever being 'majorly' talented at anything, but I've always been a natural with musical instrument, singing and artsy things. I'm one of those people who isn't amazing at anything, but is pretty good at almost everything...which is slightly annoying sometimes.

10. If you could go back in time, what era would you choose and why ?

I gotta say, I can see me wearing a big poofy dress and a corset and a bonnet. So like..1800's or 1900's England?

11. If you could only use 5 beauty products for the rest of your life, what would they be ?

If this includes skincare, then: Face wash, moisturiser, concealer, mascara and brow powder.
Specifically, the Body Shop Seaweed cleanser, Keihl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate, NARS creamy radiant concealer, covergirl clump crusher mascara and NYX eyebrow cake powder.

11 facts about me:

1. I love myself a cup of tea. Nothing herbal or fancy. Just a tea bag, boiling water, and milk please.
2. I am quite lazy. If I don't have anything to do - going out etc - I will just lay on my bed and do like nothing all day... :S
3. I was quite academic at school. I was in the 'high achievers' programme, and won a shitload of awards in year 10. I also did Specialist Math in year 12 (it was the most stressful shit ever)
4. I have been with my boyfriend for two and a half years :) <3
5. I have a younger brother (16) who has Prada-Willi Syndrome (look it up if you're interested) :)
6. I love shopping a little bit too much (verging on being a shop-a-holic)
7. I'm not religious, but not an atheist. Agnostic, I'd say. Buddhism is very interesting though.
8. I love babies. If there is a baby in the room somewhere, you can bet $10 I would have already seen it and gone goo goo ga ga over it. They're so cute !
9. My love for Smith's Chips is borderline ridiculous. Got a hankering for a snack? Better buy a huge bag of chips and eat them
10. I am naturally thin. I eat TERRIBLY but I have a quick metabolism, which means I don't really gain weight, and I lose it easily (I'm not complaining..EVER)
11. I'm extremely temperature sensitive. I'm hot and cold like Katy Perry's song. 

I would like to tag these lovely girls...

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And your 11 questions are...
1. What was it that first got you into beauty?
2. Who is your beauty idol?
3. What would you rather go without: your mascara or your brow powder/pencil?
4. For a two week holiday, if you could only pack 4 items of makeup (not including brushes), what would they be?
5. What is your best find/holy grail makeup product?
6. How long does it take you to do your makeup for a) every day, and b) a night out/party?
7. What is your most favourite eye makeup look?
8. How much is your face worth? (Add up the total amount of $$ you spent on items that you use in your everyday makeup routine)
9. What is your go-to foundation?
10. A hint or tip to give about a winged eyeliner?
11. What do you think beauty means?


  1. Thanks so much for tagging me! The people you thawed aren't actually a clickable link for some reason! :(
    Will definitely put this up in the next few days, loved your questions! Xx

  2. Oh, bugger! I'll edit it and change that, thanks for letting me know! :) And no worries!