Thursday, 3 April 2014

L'Oreal Shine Caresse Lip stain Review!

These cute little things have been around for a bit, but I didn't pick any up until they came up on clearance for $6 when they're usually price was something like $24! They are, though, so worth every cent. Let me show you what they look like...

I mean, look at these. The packaging is just stunning. I'll admit though, when I bought my first one, I thought I was going to be a solid lipstick. No, no. It's a gloss applicator! 
Now, don't be fooled by the bright colour you see in there; they are VERY sheer, as you will see in the next picture. However, you can build them up. They sink in and dry nicely (if you're looking for a gloss, this is probably not a good property for it to have), so you can put on a couple of layers to make the colour more intense. 
They don't stay glossy for long, like I said, but they have an awesome staining power.

After doing the swatches for the next photo, I was trying to get it off with Bioderma and it took some serious scrubbing, and there's still a slight stain there!

The colours, from left to right are: 
- Romy: Peach colour with goldish shimmer
- Eve: light violet colour with no shimmer
- Milady: a deep plum/purple with no shimmer
- Juliet: a velvety red colour with no shimmer
- Princess: coral-red with no shimmer.

All of these colours are just divine, and go on so easily! The applicator looks like this;

It might look a little strange, but this is the perfect shape for easy application. 
And the little hole in the middle swipes up and excess product, so you get an even application.

There really isn't anything bad to say about these. The only thing that it doesn't do that it says is 'shine' for too long. BUT, they smell amazing, look amazing, stain perfectly, are easy to apply, compact and stylish. 

Everyone needs one (or more!) of these in their lives!

These are only five of the eight colours, but I love every single one, and it's a daily struggle to pick one for my bag every day!


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