Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Models Prefer: The Secret Complexion Collection

So, as per usual for a shopping trip, I was looking in Priceline to see if I could find any great bargains. And yes, I certainly did.

On clearance at the back of the store was a whole heap of these Models Prefer 'The Secret Complexion Collection' for $10.
In the box was a 30mL liquid foundation, a 15mL liquid concealer, a foundation brush and two foundation sponges. WOW! So the boxes were coded by skin shades. There was (from memory) Ivory, Tan, Beige, and Nude. Being pale-faced like the weird vampire I am, I got Ivory.

I wasn't expecting a lot from this, but I'd been wanting to try a few different liquid foundations and concealers as I had been only using BB Creams and creamy stick concealers.
For $10, I am a VERY satisfied customer.
Now here's the bit I love most; the normal retail prices of these...

  1. Liquid foundation; usually $17.99
  2. Liquid concealer; usually $5.99
  3. Foundation Brush; usually $14.99
  4. Sponges; (I couldn't find a price for these but I'm guessing they'd be between $5-$10)
So, that would be usually around $40 or more (depending on how much the sponges are) for $10!

I found it strange though, that on the back of the box in the descriptions it says that your concealer should be 'a shade lighter' than your foundation. I could be just me, but in the photo on the left, doesn't it look like the concealer (top) is a shade DARKER than the foundation (bottom)?

The foundation is fantastic. It's oil free and leaves a matte finish which is great for oilier skin like mine. It has light/medium coverage and stays all day on my skin. When I put the Stay Matte powder over the top to set, it just stays put all day long.

The concealer is too dark for my skin and doesn't really cover the blemishes on my skin that well. It would do fine if you had mild redness or a few faint scars, but on the bright redness and pimples I get, it doesn't do the trick.

I haven't quite got around to using the foundation brush just yet, as I'm still using my Eco Tools brushes that I love. One of the sponges I have used to replace an old one from my creme foundation and have only used it once, but it did the job (as I'm guessing most sponges would).

Overall, the greatest purchase ever! Woo! I was boasting about this to everyone, which most didn't give two hoots about, but I didn't care, because oh my god, I only spent $10 on something worth about $40.

There's nothing quite like a bargain!

From the Bargain Queen ;) xx

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