Friday, 27 September 2013

Everyday Makeup Routine!

Before..... (ewies!)

My morning makeup routine starts after my moisturiser has fully sunk in, and my skin is ready to go. I start with my Bourjois Flower Perfection primer; just in the spots where my pores are most apparent and any uneven areas. I also put some under my eyes and on my eye lid to help keep concealer and eye shadow in place.

After using that, I use the Revlon Photoready Skinlights illuminator, which basically just leaves my skin looking shimmery. It's supposed to help with reflecting light in the right way so that makeup always looks flawless. I got this as a full sized product from a Lust Have It! box, which is amazing! (I'm still testing it out, but so far I think it makes a difference to how the finish comes out.

Next is concealer. I first use the Maybelline Colour Corrector which is a green concealer stick to use on redness. On top, to cover the green (obviously) I use the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer in Ivory, which I also put under my eyes and on my eye lids while I'm at it.

Foundation comes next, and I tend to like to use a different one every day or so, but one of my favourites at the moment is the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in Vanilla. I start on the left hand side of my face on the side of my nose and blend outwards, paying special attention to the jaw line (blending is essential) and any red areas. I then do the same on the right hand side of my face, and then my forehead (starting in the middle and working out).

Next I use blush and bronzer. I use these before my powder because it gives a more subtle look, which is great for every day. The bronzer I've been using is the Revlon Color Stay Finishing Powder in 020 Suntan Matte. This just goes into the divots on the cheeks (making a fishy face helps to see where they are). Blush goes on the apples of the cheeks (smiling helps to see), and I blend it up and out towards my temples.

The Bourjois Healthy Balance powder in Vanilla goes on top to set, and then it's onto the eyes!

First I do eyebrows. I'm only just trying out different eyebrow pencils, so it's only a cheap one from Priceline, in the colour Blonde. I just fill them lightly and comb through.
Next is eye shadow. I use my BYS pallet a lot these days. It has great nude and subtle brown colours. I start with a medium brown colour over the lid, then use the lightest peachy brown on the brow bone and in the inner part of the eye lid, then the darkest brown in the crease (blending down the outside of the lid and along most of the crease line).

Sticking to browns, I use a brown eye liner and only bring it about half-way along the lash line. Lately I've been using a white eye liner in the water line on the bottom (apparently it helps makes your eyes look more awake). I then grab an angled brush to soften the brown eye liner and blend it further along.

I've only just purchased the Maybelline the Falsies mascara and so far, so good!

After that, ALL DONE! I usually also use the 150th Anniversay Limited Edition Bourjois finishing powder which just leaves everything looking airbrushed.

And that's it! It seems like a lot, and I certainly don't do this every day of the week. If I'm going to work or going out all day, I will, but if I'm only staying at home or popping out quickly, I'll just use a BB cream, powder and mascara. 

Remember, it's not good for your skin to wear makeup every day, so if you're not going anywhere special, stick to MINIMAL makeup or, if you're brave enough, none at all!

Stay beautiful. :)


  1. You look beautiful without makeup also but this is such a nice and natural look! Beautiful x

    1. Aw thanks. :) that is actually an awful photo (before) but I guess it just highlights the difference!

  2. beautiful! (before and after) Bourjois seems to have so many great products! I wish it was available in the US.

    love your blog :)

    1. It isn't? Oh god, you're missing out! I'm in love with bourjois at the moment. Even their history is cool, haha!