Saturday, 29 March 2014

Updated Skincare Routine! + life updates

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've had lots going on and I really fell out of the routine of my hobbies :(

Since last time I posted, I have enrolled at TAFE to do a certificate three in beauty services, which I'm loving so far! Other than that, I've been working HEAPS and shopping WAY too much (haul post?).

I've currently changed my skincare routine, and thought I'd share it with you! I have combination skin, meaning my skin is thirsty, but also oily in spots. I tend to have a couple of pimples all at once, and then I won't have any for a week or so, then I'll get a few more, etc etc.

So, here we go!

Now, I have a different skincare regime from morning to night. I like to use rich moisturisers at night, and a lighter one during the day.

My morning routine goes like this:
1. Wash my face with the Body Shop's Seaweed face wash (I just bought my - I think - fourth tube of this)
2. Moisturise with the Uriage Aqua Precis moisturising refreshing cream gel
And that's it! The only other thing I might do, is if I do have a pimple or two, I'll pop on some pimple cream (if they're bad) or a bit of tea tree oil.

My night time routine is a tad more complicated...

On a normal night, it goes something like this..

1. Take off makeup with a cotton pad and some Bioderma.
2. Wash my face with the Body Shop Seaweed face wash.
3. The Body Shop Seaweed Toner on a cotton pad all over my face and neck
- I usually leave a minute for the toner to dry before moving on - 
4. Two drops of the Keihl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate on my face and neck.
- leave to sink in for a minute - 
5. a smaller-than-usually (if I used it by itself) amount of the Keihl's Ultra Facial Cream (mine's a sample size).
6. The Keihl's Creamy Eye Treatment around the orbital bone (eye socket).

That's the USUAL. But, as a beauty lover, I can't go past a good pamper night for my skin. Usually once to twice a week (depending on how good my skin is), I'll do THIS routine instead...

1. Before showering, pop on the Body Shop's seaweed clay mask (amazing stuff)
2. Allow to dry, and then shower, taking off the mask and using the Body Shop cleanser.
3. After getting out, use the Body Shop toner.
4. Instead of using any serums, moisturisers or anything else, I will just use one product.
Take some of the Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask and massage into face and neck for a few minutes, then tissue off any excess.
This mask is amazing. I wake up the next morning after using it, and my skin looks bright, radiant and clear. It's just perfect! And Origins products are 96% organic too, which is AWESOME!

So there you have it! I know it might seem odd to use an oil on skin that is already slightly oily or pimple prone, but the worst thing to do to oily skin is to stop using any products with oils. Once you have washed your face, you need to put some oil back on there! Otherwise your skin over-produces oils and it just makes things worse!
Trust me, I learnt my lesson a few years ago, and my skin hasn't been better since I started using richer products on it :)

Have a great Sunday, everyone!


  1. Hi Hun,
    I just found your blog through Bek (confessions of a makeup addict)
    I love this post. How did you find the seaweed past? I hear alot of mixed reviews about it but i really want to try out! Have a look at my blog if you like and have a look at my go-to skincare "Sukin" its great! Im also your newest google follower :) xx

    Dani xo |

    1. And I will definitely have a look at your blog! Thanks so much for following :):) xx

    2. Thanks honey! I was a little worried about the "sting" cause ive heard its fine and from others i have heard its bad. Im just going to try it, i keep seeing reviews on this over and over so i must try it out! xxx

    3. The only reason I'd say not to get it is if you have really sensitive skin :) or dry skin haha. :) definitely try it, it is lovely!

  2. The seaweed mask is great! I have sensitive skin though, so I find that my skin can get a bit extra sensitive after using it, and it can almost sting a bit when it's drying, but my skin always feels so smooth and soft and clean afterwards :)