Monday, 31 March 2014

Down Days and How I Manage to Stay Happy

Every now and then I'll have a day or half a day where I am just miserable for no particular reason (or some ridiculous reason). It's just part of being a woman, I think. Emotions, hormones, cramps, awkward toilet trips, all the fun stuff.

Sometimes it's really hard to pick yourself out of these little ruts. But there are some ways to help.

Everyone is an individual, and so, different things will work more or less effectively, and that's okay. Nobody is the same, and we all have different things that help us feel better. But here are a few of mine; hopefully next time you might be having a down day, a blue day, a sad day, a crap can try one or more of these and they might help you feel even the tiniest bit better..


Watch Jenna Marbles! 
This girl is absolutely the most funny person I've ever seen on YouTube (only just coming ahead of Essie Button, who always makes me giggle).
Watch a few of her videos and get yourself laughing! If Jenna isn't your cup of tea, just your favourite funny YouTuber. 


Go outside! Unless it's an awful day (with rain and hail and ewies), I always find going outside helpful. But don't just sit outside; go for a walk! Walking and physical activity helps with cramps and headaches and general fatigue. On beautiful spring/autumn days this is perfect! Look at flowers and leaves and remind yourself of how beautiful the world is, how beautiful nature can be. :)


By meditate, I don't mean connect-to-the-earth-and-find-your-soul...I just mean RELAX! Relax and think about all the things that are going on in your body. Being grateful for the life you have is a great way to pick yourself up. Being thankful :)


Allow yourself a treat (or two!). Dieting? Have that Mars bar you've been craving. You're having a DOWN DAY, girl; you NEED some chocolate in your body. 
Saving money? Buy yourself that cute top! A small present to yourself when your down is a great way to perk up. I mean, now you get to think of all the different ways and places you can wear that!

I had a bad day today...

So after my boyfriend got home and I had a little bit of a cry (that helps too), he drove us to the nearest shopping centre and got lunch: prawn sushi and Glow Yoghurt, which by the way is awesome! A bit of a walk around, time in the sun and food made me feel so much better. After that the rest of my day was a breeze!

I have my own ways of feeling happier and perkier on days when I just don't want to do anything but mope around and sleep. But these might not work for you and that's fine too :)

The thing to remember with days like these is that it won't last. You're just having a crappy day or two and things can only get better. 

Take a deep breath, relax, and feel happy :)


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