Sunday, 2 February 2014

Valentines Day Gift Idea!

Valentines day is coming, and I'm extra prepared, seeing as I'll be away on the day. 
I found some inspiration from Ingrid Nilson (a.k.a Miss Glamorazzi), and made these.

The jars were in a four pack from K-mart for $3. They sit in my hand, so they're nice and cute.
The other bits and pieces I used for this are:
- Decorative tape
- decorative string
- Nerds
- Peach Heart lollies
- Paper.
- Glue
All I did was line the lid with decorative tape, cut out some heart shapes to stick on the outside of the jar, and tied a cute bow around the top with the string.

To add in for a special touch, I also wrote little "Thank you" notes and sweet notes, rolled them up and tied them - like a message in a bottle. 

This is perfect for friends or family, or if you are on a budget. The most expensive item was $3.50!

Happy making, friends!


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