Saturday, 5 October 2013

Magazine of Choice

I'm not a huge mag person, but every-so-often I'll shout myself to one, just for light reading and to see what's on trend.
I picked up a few different ones recently, along with my usual pick - cosmo - to see if there might be any others that tickle my fancy.

Not really. I was a tad disappointed.

Vogue I found was way too high-end and expensive, so all it did was make me feel really sad. So many ads for Dior, Chanel, Armani, Tom Ford, Jo Malone, Elisabeth Arden, Burberry.... All the ones I wish I could afford :(

Shop, however was a bit more up my alley. The products and brands advertised were affordable, with the odd high-end product just for good measure. The layout was easier on the eyes and more interesting to look at. I found the Vogue ads a bit odd. I know it's all fashion - but seriously, who actually wears that stuff in public?!

So I found one new magazine to repurchase, but I think I'll stick to my trusty Cosmo. Perfect for my tastes. Equal amounts of gossip, fashion, beauty and opinion pieces to keep me hooked! 

Thanks Cosmo, you beauty! ;)

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