Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Sickness and Exhaustion

Update on my absence...

I feel so terrible about not making a post for the last week or so, and I've been really wanting to, but unfortunately I've had the bad luck of health and was in hospital for a few nights with suspected pancreatitus.

It turns out it wasn't that but just an abnormality of my pancreas.

Either way the night I went into hospital was scary, painful and I was terrified. It's not often I vomit or have any type of illness that goes beyond a sniffle and a sore throat, so I'm sure you can understand my terror.

I was out after two nights, and in that time I ate one meal. One meal out of the six I should have had.

So after leaving I found myself extremely weak and unable to do much except sleep and eat and drink a lot of water.

I'm finally okay now! Still tired, but my body was in such shock from what happened, I'm not surprised how long it's taken.

So, I'll be trying my very hardest to write something up tonight or tomorrow, and hopefully life gets back to normal!

Talk soon! xx

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