Thursday, 7 November 2013

October Favourites!

I know I'm eight days overdue for the October favourites rif-raf but I've been ill, so I'm doing it late, ok? 

Over the month of October, I actually found myself not wearing makeup as often as usual, which means that picking my favourites was tricky, and I had to cheat a little bit.

But, moving on!

Face Favourites:

 This month I've really been loving a few new additions to my collection. The Collection Lasting Perfection concealer (Fair 1) has become one of my staples. It is fantastic. It has great coverage, it lasts really well and it's so easy to blend!
Another newbie is my Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light. I'd seen many YouTube beauty gurus use this, and found it on eBay for $15, so I bought it and it is fabulous.
If, like me, you're new to contouring, then this is a great way to start, because in the box it gives the usual places to put the darker and lighter powders :)

The last new product in my face faves is the Benefit Dandelion blusher. Now, to be honest, I'm starting to wonder whether it could be a fake (I bought it at a market, thinking it was an awesome bargain) but either way it's a lovely light pinky peach colour and looks lovely.

The next two are my Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream in light and the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in Vanilla. The BB cream was great for days where I was feeling lazy, and I'd just use a bit of this and mascara and head out. The healthy mix foundation is great for days when you want lighter coverage, but still want that healthy glow. It is a tad too dark for my skin, but after putting powder on top it blends fine!

Eye Favourites:

As I mentioned earlier, I have been pretty lazy with makeup the last month, so for eyes, I've pretty much kept it at a bare minimum. 
This is also where I cheat a little, because the Essence Eye brow stylist set was purchased at the start of November, but it was so close to October and I fell in love straight away, so I couldn't wait to brag!
I have been looking for a good eyebrow powder for so long. I'd been using an eyeshadow (which had shimmer in it, oh dear!) for ages, but I found this in Priceline for $3.50 and couldn't leave it. It matches my brows well, isn't too hard to blend and I'm just so happy I found one!

Mascara is always a must-have, and I've been absolutely loving the Covergirl Clump Crusher Extensions lash blast mascara. It honestly makes it look like I'm wearing false eye lashes. It definitely tops the Maybelline Falsies (sorry to all the Falsies lovers out there). 
Last but not least is one of the Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo thingos. I've got it in the colour 'Tough as Taupe' which is a lovely nude browny bronze colour. I use this either as a shadow or an eyeliner. I've used it more as a liner - it looks soft and natural.

Lip Favourites:

Only one lip fave this month. I know what you're thinking: how can you - lip product hoarder - only have one favourite?
Well, you see, I was so absolutely taken away by how good this actually looks on my lips, I couldn't even think of anything else to put next to it, in it's shadow.

This is my Rimmel Kate Moss lip stick in 'Kiss of Life'. A beautiful deep fiery red. 
I never used bright lip sticks, usually sticking to a sheer lip gloss or balm, but one night I thought "sod it" and I put my red lippy on. Oh boy!
I love it! It smells nice, it feels nice, it looks nice. Mmmm! The joys of feeling good in a bright red lip!

So anyway, there's my rant about loving red lipstick... Either way, I think I'll be wearing this more often!

Other Favourites:

I made my first purchase of a Real Techniques brush set not that long ago, but I just fell in love. I ended up splurging on the Expert Face Brush as well, and now I have a small collection of Real Techniques brushes happening, and  it just feels so good...

These two have been my favourites so far. The Expert Face Brush, which I use for foundation, and the Domed Shadow Brush, which I use for concealer and sometimes eyeshadow.

They bristles are hard but soft so you get even coverage without the streaks. They're easy to wash too - the white tipped bristles make it easy to see if they are clean of all the makeup.

I'm definitely going to be investing in more of these brushes, they are fantastic. I'm still in love with my Eco Tools brushes too, though. They have done me very well.

Do you have any good brushes that you can recommend? I don't even know where to start!

Happy November (Movember to all you fellas)! 



  1. Many of my favourites are listed here too! I love my Sleek contour kit, and the Kate Moss lippies! Also loving the Color Tattoos!

    1. They're all so amazing! It's hard to pick just one colour :(

  2. I love the lipstick so much! It's a really nice color

    ~ Charelle x .

  3. It's such a gorgeous classic red! And super affordable too! :)