Friday, 30 August 2013

Where Does The Lust Start?

Hi there everyone on this beautiful, connecting device known as the internet...

I thought I'd start a nice blog about my transition into womanhood, mainly everything to do with fashion and beauty.

I was never too interested in make up, and I remember the first foundation I ever had. It was a cheap-brand foundation stick. It was tacky, too dark, too heavy...and just made my skin feel so icky. I really did not like it whatsoever... I've tried new products, tested new things, my skin developing into a less oiled-up mess, I've come to love make-up, clothes, shoes, the LOT. Embracing my skin and my body took time, but finding the right clothes and make-up really wasn't as hard as I first thought.

My collection of beauty items has grown exponentially. I've found YouTube great for beauty tips, and from them have expanded my collection of products even further.
However, I'm still itching to try new (and maybe slightly more expensive) things so that one day, maybe I too can look just as good as Miranda Kerr (if only...).

This new blog of mine will be a collective of different beauty tips and tricks I've learnt, different products I've tried, loved, hated, or still figuring out, and reviews of different products.

I may or may not (whether I can figure out how to use this website properly) upload photos to show you all my wonderful collection of make-up and beauty things that I've collected, and...well...I'll see what happens from there...

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